Social Innovation

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Social Innovation

Event: Show and tell

We started this free event as a way of sharing stories among Trinidad's disparate, often disconnected creative communities. We’d clear out our studio, pack away the computers and host every month or so. Two speakers, selected seemingly at random, spoke for 15 minutes about their passion. Beekeepers, Rum makers and Chocolatiers rubbed shoulders with Poets, Artists and Musicians. About 200+ people would turn up for each event, and the afterparty would go on until the wee hours. Noteworthy - Diplo and Martin Parr came to Trinidad to give a talk - both huge events - with the police being called out because of the size of the crowds!

The results? We became the go-to employer for creatives in a place with a limited talent pool. Designers got to meet and speak with CEOs (often clients) - closing the gap between c-suite and Creative Suite. People connected, relationships were built.