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A selection of things I've written, said, acted and done.


I co-authored a thought piece recently published by Catalyst (aka Pratt's design journal for leading creative enterprise) on Inclusive Design and Leadership. Was then picked up, expanded on, and republished by Massive Change Network (Bruce Mau's initiative for global change though design). 

Read it here.


play the devil

Play The Devil (Official Trailer)

Segue alert! No acting experience (or any idea that I could act - something that is still disputed ;) led to a chance casting, which led to a lead role in a feature film, which lead to a Hollywood premiere, which lead to a few awards for the film, some great reviews, and some not-so-great reviews (thanks Hollywood Reporter).

Not the easiest role - I play James, a successful but deeply unhappy man, lost in a world of power, manipulation and sexuality (the last of which put me at odds with a deeply conservative Caribbean culture).

Acting turned out to be my deepest experience of empathy, and brought with it huge lessons in vulnerability, teamwork and trust. Next to being a parent, this was one of the most difficult things I've ever done - huge respect to those who do this for a living!

tedx portofspain

Design makes the Difference - my exploration of how design, empathy and social development intersect. Looking at it now, I’d love to explore this deeper, especially as I am applying to further my education in Psychology. (Oh and note to self: never longer than 5 minutes, ever again).

design week

Image by Kibwe Brathwaite

Image by Kibwe Brathwaite

I was interviewed by the late, wonderful Jon Daniel for Design Week. I talk about my background and approach to design and its effects on society.