Greenhomes is a boutique property management and development company based in West London. They match attention to detail and design sensibility with a commitment to environmental and conscious business practices.

I worked with greenhomes over the course of a year to rebuild their visual identity and associated materials - done by consolidating their various strands of ideology into a clear positioning. This required a significant amount of research, multiple strategic approaches until we settled on the right one (a visual style of strategy in the end).

The idea: Avoid estate agents, property developers or eco brand-styles like the plague and create something new. Yes, a smile isn’t exactly new, but it is for the industry. Placed under the ‘h’ it creates a front door threshold which invites you to come in.

Add in a riot of retro-tinged colours and shapes, and you have something quite unique, much like the company it represents.

GJ Folioitems8.png