Design, Strategy, Leadership


Clarity through leadership, strategy and design.



I've been consulting with startups in the UK, helping them develop new brands, products and bringing them to market. It’s part business design, part product development. We’re talking quick turnarounds; getting a brand and prototype in front of investors, and then adapting (or not) from there. Lean, multi-threaded, exciting, fast.

I'm also doing a fair bit of on-going work in design, branding and advertising for clients around the world. Discrete projects, meaningful results.

Have a look at some recent work, and let me know what you think.


before that


I spent a long time establishing and running design practices in the Caribbean.


My first design business, Abovegroup, was a highly successful graphic design agency, introducing a culture of design and social engagement largely absent from the region at the time. We touched almost every significant indigenous business in the region, with a lasting impact on the visual landscape; worked with and nurtured a generation of emerging designers; and had lots of fun in the process.


The second version came out of merging my business with one of the largest advertising groups in the region - the local branch of Ogilvy, to form Abovegroup Ogilvy.  We serviced multinational giants - Coca-Cola, IBM, Pizza Hut, PWC, Unilever, Nestlé: great prestige, and a lot more grown up. I was also managing pretty much every significant department, with a team of 65 people. All this while splitting my time between Trinidad, the UK and France, and integrating multiple cultures.


The final iteration came post-Ogilvy, when I went very small and rebuilt as a consultancy. Small, as in never more than six of us. Consultancy, as in less advertising, more design strategy. Great clients, an increasing number of digital products, a greater focus on sustainability, and some of our best work. We started building and investing in related businesses - some worked, others not so much. Abovegroup became a fully virtual agency in 2017. What does that mean? No permanent base, working only on special projects in T&T, the UK and California.