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Mortar is a Property Tech startup based in London. Developed the strategy, naming, identity, copywriting and then creative directed a team in India in the rollout of the prototype (UI).

The idea: This platform is a centralised toolkit for everyone involved in the management of property portfolios under £10M. It makes the process seamless and integrated - working in the background. Much like the way mortar holds bricks together. The design then extrapolated this in to the idea of ‘things that invisibly hold bigger things together’.  Colours and type were deliberately chosen to be an antidote to the property sameness out there on the market.

Lens / Medical Academy: a Healthtech startup based in London. Working with the same team as Mortar, I developed the strategy, naming, identity, copywriting and then creative direction.

The idea: This is an e-learning suite of products for Healthcare, beginning with Ophthalmology (Lens).  The product set had to be easily scalable, with an identity that could be rolled out across media and subject areas quickly. Built a flexible brand architecture that allowed each brand to stand on its own (if that’s what the funding arrangement required), while contributing to the value of the whole.


Greenhomes is a boutique property management and development company based in West London. They match attention to detail and design sensibility with a commitment to environmental and conscious business practices. I worked with greenhomes over the course of a year to rebuild their visual identity and associated materials - done by consolidating their various strands of ideology into a clear positioning. This required a significant amount of research, multiple strategic approaches until we settled on the right one (a visual style of strategy in the end).

The idea: Avoid estate agents, property developers or eco brand-styles like the plague and create something new. Yes, a smile isn’t exactly new, but it is for the industry. Placed under the ‘h’ it creates a front door threshold which invites you to come in. Add in a riot of retro-tinged colours and shapes, and you have something quite unique, much like the company it represents.


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