Design, Product and Company Leadership


Hi. I'm Gareth, a London-based, internationally-experienced Design Leader.

I thrive at the intersection of design, business, society and, increasingly, technology.

Over the past 17 years, I've delivered strategy, brands and products for dozens of companies, ranging from embryonic startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises with hundreds of employees. This is in the context of building and running hugely successful design practices in the Caribbean, one of which I merged with Ogilvy (part of the WPP group).

My most recent work is with UK startups to evaluate and develop digital products, brands and routes to market. Sectors include Learning in Healthtech, Property Management, AR, AI and Web TV.

I'm a big believer in community building and engagement - If it doesn't exist, and I think it should, I'll give it a shot. For me that means a fair bit of teaching, giving talks, setting up associations, cultural events and workspaces. I believe that a project is only truly successful when it works for everyone involved: from the end user, client and partners; to the broader society and environment in which we live and work.


Get in touch.

Yes, I'm available for work :)

If you're building a new company, product or brand; expanding or revising what you already do; or just fancy a chat over a coffee, count me in.